Gardele Utilities

Gardele Utilities believe that we can help you to make real cash savings on your Electricity, Gas & Water, and potentially from recovered overcharges on your water.

Knowing that it can be a complex and confusing area for any business we want to make sure that you have peace of mind when it comes to your own utility supplies.

Gardele has introduced a free energy management service for businesses, which we use to ensure that we manage the utility contracts of our clients quickly and efficiently.

Very few businesses like dealing with their own energy supplies. In most instances the overall cost of the supplies does not match the aggravation and complexity of dealing with the power companies in the UK, which, at best, can be trying.

The majority of businesses do not know when their energy supplies renew, and we have seen cases where prices have been trebled when renewal has been missed.

If this happens, what is seemingly an overhead of low importance becomes one of great significance and for the period of the rolled contract!

We like to think that we go that extra mile for our clients and none more so when it comes to utilities. We take away the pain of dealing with the energy companies and make sure that you never miss a contract renewal.

·         As an independent broker, we have a panel of 30 suppliers for gas, electricity and water

·         All your water, gas and electricity supplies are logged into our energy management system regardless of contract status

·         We notify you when you need to serve notice on each contract, to ensure you can move supplier if necessary

·         We review each supply at renewal and provide you with the choice of the best deals available to you from our panel of business energy providers

·         If you want to switch provider, we will arrange the paperwork for you

·         If you move into new premises, we manage the utilities process

·         Once the paperwork is submitted, we will manage the switch to the new supplier and deal with objections if raised

·         Once the new contract is live, we log it for notification at next renewal

 If you would like to know  how your company could make significant savings click the Contact Button for more information about a free Utilities Health Check 

Utilities Health Check

At Gardele we offer a free uitlities health check, this will give you an insight into your current service level and value for money. We follow the following procedures with every business customer who requests a free utilities health check and as part of our service,  we will follow thesessteps: 

“We” Gardele will provide “you” the customer with a Letter of Authority (LOA)

“You” the customer must Signature and Date the LOA

“You” the customer must be Commercially and Legally allowed, by

your Business to Signature and Date the LOA    

“You” the customer must Return the Signed and Dated the LOA by: Email:  

Together with your recent bills which will allow us to determine:

Current Energy Supplier Business Information

Your Current Meter Number(s)

Your Current Energy Contract End Date & Renewal Information

Your Current Energy Consumption

Please also supply

Your Current Energy Account Situation credit history & debts owed to utility providers

Your Latest Meter Reading(s)


On Issuing the free utilities health check report please note

The report is presented in order of savings, not supplier name

All utility prices will include: Tariffs, Contract term & All Competitive Supplier Prices, however it will not include Climate Change Levy (CCL), VAT, or Hidden and Indirect Costs later imposed by the supplier 

NB: As the business owner or representative, you must understand that your business can only apply for a new utility contract if you are within your termination notice time as per your original utility supply contract end date

Gardele will not ask your Business for payment for Gardele services as we work on commission.

Energy suppliers which “Your” business selects will not contact your business on Gardele’s behalf for transfer costs

Click the Contact Button for more information.

The process is designed to be the least intrusive as possible, but in preparation we do ask that you have all the latest complete bills from all of your contracted service providers available.

 The further benefits of using our service are access to the following;

Water Audit

Carried out on a no win no fee basis with a 50-50 split on anything recovered. The customer benefitting from future reduced water charges

Energy Efficiency Report 

   A full & independent onsite survey and report.  

If you take on any of the recommendations the upfront cost of £500 plus VAT of the report is off set against the cost of any work.

Heat recovery system

Businesses with a minimum gas spend of £4k per year benefith with a payback usually within 2.5 years. The sysytem utilises waste heat from the premises and converts this into hot water to be used onsite. The system can also be used to boost a business’s central heating system when necessary. This is all done without the need for major alterations, with no effect on the current system meaning it can be quickly and easily retrofitted to any site, providing significant cost savings and a fantastic ROI.

Circuit-level technology

This ground-breaking electrical energy submetering system tells businesses exactly how much energy they are using and where it is being used. 

The advanced energy analytics represents a major step forward in comparison with current practice and is designed to analyse real time, circuit level energy usage for large organizations and portfolio managers to identify energy waste and help industrial, commercial and institutional facility owners reduce their energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint.

LED Lighting

Energy prices have increased by over 150% since 2004, a trend likely to continue. Making the switch to LEDs could save your business up to 65% on lighting costs.

LED is so efficient that up to 90% of the electrical power is converted to light, traditional lighting where only 20% is converted: the majority being wasted as heat.

LED lights are up to 68% more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps and have an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan.

Voltage Optimisation or Power Correction

Benefit to those businesses with minimum spend on Electricity bill £2k per month ideal for the two Half Hour (HH) meter sites

Whatever your utilities needs please call 02104 492210 or complete the form below and we will be in touch

Throughout the clients’ business life, we at Gardele are here to help.

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Gardele Business Solutions, as an energy broker act as Third-Party Intermediaries under the terms of OFGEM, others include switching websites, energy brokers and energy efficiency advice providers who interact with energy consumers. Under the terms, we as a TPI can offer advice and products to assist with a range of functions including energy procurement, efficiency and management.

Why you should use Gardele Business Solutions

As a Third-Party Intermediary, we support you in getting your business energy quotation as the process is different from getting a quotation for your home.

• There are very few published prices in the business market, and you need to contact suppliers to obtain a quotation.

• There is no obligation to supply you – a supplier may determine which customers they choose to supply by factors such as size of supply or your credit rating.

• There is generally no cooling-off period after you agree the contract (even when this agreement is made over the telephone rather than in writing).

• The contracts may last for multiple years and may have an early termination fee if you wish to change supplier before then.

The way we follow consumer protection laws

Though we are not subject to direct sectoral regulation in the same way as energy suppliers by OFGEM, we are subject to regulation under general consumer protection rules, and have voluntary agreed to act in the following way

A. Honesty – We identify ourselves, the services being offered and any organisations we represent (directly and indirectly) clearly at the start of any interaction with you, the customer, and obtain your consent before any marketing.

B. Respect – We always respect the consumer’s wishes and will cease the current contact and avoid future contact if the customer requests this.

C. Accuracy – We make the customer aware of how much of the market we searched to obtain the offers we propose and ensure all offers are accurately presented.

D. Transparency – Before obtaining agreement to the contract, we make the customer aware of all principal terms of the energy contract, including the services we provide and how the customer will pay (directly or indirectly) for those services.

E. Customer-focused – We record and investigate all complaints fully and act quickly to put things right when we make a mistake.

F. Professionalism – We ensure staff/representatives are adequately trained for dealing with customers and adhere to these principles.


There are suggested questions to ask a TPI before you consider using their services

• Which suppliers will you be approaching to get prices?

• How many price offers will you give me?

• What will you do to help me switch supplier?

• What services will you provide during the life of the contract?

• How will I be charged for these services; directly or indirectly?


Q: Do TPIs always research the whole market?

A: No. Some TPIs research the whole market but others represent one or a small group of suppliers - Gardele Have 30 suppliers

Q: Will a TPI always find the best energy deal for you?

A: No, TPIs are not necessarily required to find the best deal for you. You could find a better deal if you are prepared to look at different contract lengths or payment methods. Gardele present findings in deal order

Q: Is agreeing to a contract over the phone binding?

A: Yes, your verbal agreement is binding.

Q: Are you obliged to accept an offer from a TPI?

A: No, make sure you understand the services they will provide for you, how they will be paid for these services and all terms and conditions before you accept.
Gardele do not charge you but earn commission from the supplier

Q: Are all offers presented in the same way?

A: No. Some factors in energy bills may change during the life of the contract (eg environmental tariffs). These may be presented on a pass-through basis (where they will be added to the energy price when the charges are known by the suppliers). Check that you understand whether your price may vary within the term of the contract.

Q: Is there a set duration for contracts?

A: No. Many contracts are fixed term and you should be clear how long you would be locked into the contract and whether there is a termination fee

Our Business Energy Customer Promise

At Gardele Utilities, customer service and commitment to UK SMEs has been the driving force behind our brand, our mission is to provide customers with the best possible service, helping them to save money and time when it comes to switching their business energy bills.