Hidden Cost of Business

As a business owner, I’d like you to ask yourself the following question:


Do I know exactly what I’m spending and where?

If you don’t, find out – fast. Knowledge is power and many suppliers exploit their customers’ ignorance


Cost Transparency

The problem is that when you have a range of service providers, you have a lot of searching to do to get the best deals in the market, you can do this through endless searching & giving your details to comparison websites, which are great for low prices based on underestimated usage; or you can build a relationship with a business whose function is to get you the best deal for you based on what your business uses and needs


Hidden costs

Identify the ‘hidden’ costs that will harm your business

It’s all too easy for a business to focus on what it sees as its main costs – especially premises, payroll, the cost of borrowing and the wholesale cost of goods – and not look more closely at other costs.

In your business, do you know the cost of your essential services? Have you any idea how much telephone, broadband, mobile phones, gas, electricity, water, and card payment systems add to your business outgoings?

The point is that while you will know your wage bill each month, you probably won’t have an idea as to what your last phone bill was, even though it could amount to hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Take steps to control these costs, because if you don’t, they could come back to bite you. The advantage with Gardele Business Solutions is that we are a ‘one stop shop’ for keenly priced businesses essential services & will also keep an eye on your accounts with their monitoring services so you can get the best prices on renewal.


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